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– Do you ever dream of going to one place or one person who understands your style?  Femme, butch or somewhere in between? 
 – Do you find it exhausting trying to explain what you are looking for to sales associates at department stores? 
– Do you ever wonder how some women always look stylish and pulled together? 
– Do you want to effortlessly pull an outfit out of your closet for work or a date or a football game without giving it much thought, all the while knowing that you have everything you need to feel and look your best?
– Do you want your clothing to project how you feel on the inside?

I am here to help! I have industry experience and more importantly life experience. I understand how frustrating shopping can be, I know that sometimes it feels like no one makes clothing for your body type and your style preferences. I am a trained personal stylist, personal shopper, and custom clothier and I want to find and/or make clothing that makes you feel like you!

What clients have to say:

“Mary has an eye for constructing fabulous outfits. She sees combinations differently and suggests pairings that to the untrained eye are not intuitive, but then you try it on and you are wowed and it becomes your new favorite outfit. My favorite part of Tailored Tomboy is how individualized the outfits are. Mary incorporates your personality and style into her recommendations unleashing the fashion diva you never knew as insight.” –Stephanie

“Tailored Tomboy changed my life. It may seem extreme, but prior to working with Mary my wardrobe was filled with boring basics from Brooks Brothers and the like. Working with Mary gave me the confidence to put together stylish and progressive combinations. She met me where I was, suggesting edgy but practical options that upped my game and built my self-confidence. I strongly recommend Tailored Tomboy to anyone that might need a little oomph in their wardrobe.” -Jamie

“If you want to look fabulous whatever the occasion, then look no further then to the skilled hands and talented mind of Mary. She takes the time to ask lots of questions, determines all your attributes and really figures out the best attire to compliment your body type, style, and personality. You will be happy you trusted in Mary.” – Heather

“Mary is just the best. Whether you need help for business attire, a casual party, or a wedding, she will make sure you get wherever you’re going dressed to the nines and feeling confident. She has a fabulous sense of humor to boot. Oh yeah, she also does closets. HIRE HER!” –  Jennifer


 “I hate shopping. I never know what I want, I don’t like when the shopkeepers try to help me, and invariably I get frustrated and end up buying the same type of stuff that already lines my closet. But I honestly love shopping with Mary. She knows a ton about different designers and brands, and how they fit and size differently, and she suggests things that will both look and feel good. She understands that women’s clothes don’t always feel like the best option, and knows how to play with that in creative ways. Plus Mary is just a really rad person to be around, so it doesn’t feel like you’re spending the afternoon with some random stylist, it feels like you’ve gone out with your warmest (and most stylish) friend. Call her, tell her any single thing about what you do or don’t like about your wardrobe, and let her do what she truly loves to do: geek out about style.” – Kari kari-and-nicki-photo

“In Tailored Tomboy, Mary combines her sincere passion with her eye for fashion. She works to understand her clients as individuals and strives to make you feel confident in your style. What makes Tailored Tomboy unique is Mary’s knack for finding pieces and outfits that reflect you in the space that you are most comfortable, regardless of the traditional expectations for fashion shaped by gender and/or orientation. I have worked with Mary for several special occasions in my life and her expertise has allowed me to look and feel like my best and truest self. ” – Allison img_1247

“Tailored Tomboy does amazing work and has helped many of my friends with custom suiting and wardrobe revamps. Mary also helped my wife find something for our beach wedding in Mexico. Love her work and she makes the process fun and easy!” – Abbey